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In honour of

Arthur Norman Prior
(Dec. 4, 1914 – Oct. 6, 1969)




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 • A.N. Prior on Austin's ‘Sense and Sensibilia’

 • A Statement of Temporal Realism

 • Bentham and Coleridge

 • Calvinism as a Moral Revolution

 • Children of the Damned

 • Determinism in Philosophy and in Theology

 • Diary Entry March 25, 1942

 • Diary note from 1942

 • Diary note from 1943

 • Diary note (undated)

 • English and Ontology

 • Evolution

 • Existence

 • Faith, Unbelief and Evil. A Fragment of a Dialogue

 • Finnegan's Wake: An Interpretation

 • Formalization of Intensional Logic

 • Independence Proofs Without Models

 • I. Parts of Speech (Text 104)

 • I. Parts of Speech (Text 105)

 • Is There a Problem of Science and Religion?

 • It's true but I don't believe it

 • Knowledge

 • Logical and Grammatical Predicates

 • Logic and Lewis Carroll

 • Many-valued Logics

 • Meeting some Asian Philosophers

 • Names of Names

 • Of God's Plan and Purpose

 • One relation between myself and Oxford

 • Postulate-Sets for Tense Logic

 • Prior & Kerr: Axiomatisation of the Propositional Calculus in C and p

 • "A wants me to relativise my tenses to dates. It seems to me ..."

 • Racialism

 • Reactions to Determinism

 • Read Russell on Ag. And Dem.

 • Religion and Ethics

 • Some Free Thinking about Time

 • The Aims of Logic

 • The Branches of Logic

 • The Fable of the Four Preachers

 • The Logic of Calvinism

 • The Logic of Obligation and the Obligations of the Logician

 • The Methods of Logic

 • The Modern-Traditional Logic of Keynes and Johnson

 • The Ontological Argument (Fragment 1)

 • The Ontological Argument (Fragment 2)

 • The Paradox of the Prisoner in Logical Form

 • The Place of Time in Logic

 • The problem of the two babies

 • The Seven Logical Relations

 • When I was a Fresher •  University of Copenhagen •  Aalborg University • 

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