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Boxes 12 - 21

The material in these boxes consists mainly of drafts, manuscripts, technical reports etc. sent to Prior (regular offprints sent to Prior are kept in Boxes 23-29). Some xeroxes of important papers, e.g. by Frege, are also found. Some of this material was an important inspiration for Prior, and it is often related to correspondence between Prior and the authors in question. The items from for instance Alan Ross Anderson and C. L. Hamblin are good cases in point.
The material is in general sorted by authors' names, but not with complete precision. It is listed here in order of physical occurrence, but fortunately authors are always found in the alphabetically appropriate box, even when slightly out of place. The descriptions given here are only meant to provide readers with short information on what can actually be found, and, of course, what material Prior had received and kept. In some cases brief notes on the material have been added; these are in no way systematical and merely express what seemed to be worth a reminder. Similarly, little proof reading has been undertaken.
The overview is nevertheless complete and, with the warnings above, useful for anybody researching Prior's work and the origins of temporal logic. Moreover, the material adds to the picture of Prior's relations to other researchers, and students of Prior's contemporaries can without doubt find items of considerable interest here.
--- Per Hasle
Updated December 23, 2017