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Box 22


This box contains the full manuscript for Prior’s unpublished book ‘The Craft of Formal Logic’ (Finished in december 1951 and submitted to Clarendon Press 6/12/1951). A full overview of its contents is given in Craft-of-logic/table of contents, and a description of its place within Prior's authorship is given at the related manuscript Items from a dictionary of formal logic/box 6.
A part of the manuscript has been published as The Doctrine of Propositions and Terms, ed. by P.T. Geach and A.J.P. Kenny. University of Massachusett Press, Amherst, 1976 (1976a).
Prior's work on ‘The Craft of Formal Logic’ is described in Kenny 1970 as well as in the introduction to 'The Doctrine of Propositions and Terms' (the latter overlaps somewhat with Kenny 1970, but naturally also adds some details). From 'The Craft of Formal Logic' the book brings Part I, chapter 1 and 2, and Part IV, chapter 1–3; these five chapters together "make up a self-contained account of the traditional doctrine of propositions and terms" (Geach and Kenny's Introduction, p. 9).
The manuscript found in box 22 is a gift from J. L. Mackie (no full copy was found among Prior's own papers after his death in 1969).
P. 549 and p. 600 are missing.
--- Per Hasle
Updated December 23, 2017