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This material is the only part of Prior's Papers which is not found in The Bodleian Library/Modern Papers' Reading Room. It is placed in:
Philosophy Department Library
10 Merton Street
The library has seven boxes containing regular offprints sent to Prior (whereas unpublished manuscripts, drafts etc. sent to Prior are kept in Boxes 12-21). Also a few offprints of articles by Prior himself are found here. Some of the papers were reviewed by Prior in various journals, and some of them are discussed in correspondence between Prior and the authors in question.
The material is stored in alphabetical order (by author). The list below does not distinguish between the separate boxes, but simply lists the material in its alphabetical order. Apart from a few places where it has been possible to add the source for the offprint (indicated by a '*'), the list is in fact identical with the one currently (1997) found in The Philosophy Department Library.
--- Per Hasle


Updated December 23, 2017