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Diary note (undated)

By Arthur N. Prior on NA/NA/NA

This text has been transcribed by Martin Prior.

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Diary note (undated)by A.N. Prior [… itself to the faith of man. What the bishops are saying, or ought to be saying, is something like this: “millions of people in this country claim, in however vague a way to be attempting to live by Christian standards. We, whose business it is to study the subject, would like to point out that living by Christian standards involves this and this, and this; and also that, that and that, and that, is not compatible with the claim to be living by Christian standards”.]… thought and life the aesthetics, the moral, and the religious, each leading to the other. But I don’t think Ferries’ “intermediary” category of the “moral” really exist; and the attempt to treat it as distinct from the third results merely in slipping back into the first. If morals notes are not already “religious notes”, then they are merely of the same order as “fashion notes”. If society is not to be treated as “spirit”, then it is to be treated as “nature” – when the moral standard of the Will of God cannot be applied to it, then it is not to be regarded as subject to a lower moral standard, but as
something to which moral categories do not apply at all – as part of the scenery. And of course the scenery is God’s work just as truly as moral imperatives are His commandments; there’s certainly no reason why Ferrie shouldn’t mention it some time in his paper. Perhaps even fashions too. He once translated a book called “Consider the Lilies .…” 
This text has been edited by Martin Prior. The original is kept in the Prior Collection, Bodleian Library, Oxford, Box 7. The text in […] has been crossed out. John Ferrie – a Scottish philosopher. •  University of Copenhagen •  Aalborg University • 

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