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Box 10

Lectures, notes, etc

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The material is organised into nine folders.

Little of the material in this box has been published (by ANP, at any rate).

Here, I shall list only items which are of obvious importance for Prior's main interests and/or general work.

NOTE: In the present overview in the Bodleian list of the contents of box 10, this is labelled as handouts for students; however, although this clearly applies to a few items, it just as clearly does not apply to most of the material.

Material marked 'ANP:' or 'ANP (?):' is by Prior, respectively with certainty or with some probability.

First folder: Some bibliographies + miscellaneous material

Most seems to be collected from various courses.

A. Bibliographies of various subjects:

  • Deontisk Logikk (compiled by Föllesdal 1967)
  • Entailment
  • Tense Logic
  • Modal and Many Valued Logic
  • Chronological Logic

B. Bibliographies and CVs of persons:

  • ANP: Prior's own bibliography. By Prior himself (1968, incl. forthcoming papers). See also the list in Anderson correspondence/box 1.
  • C.L. Hamblin (1957-1964) (see also Hamblin/box 2; Hamblin/box 15).
  • Czeslaw Lejewski. Publications.
  • P.T. Geach. CV and published works.
  • I.J. Good. Publications.
  • H.B. Curry. Publications.
  • Dagfinn Föllesdal. Philosophical writings.
  • Richard M. Gale. CV and publications. Selected bibliography.
  • Dr. M.J. Charlesworth. Publications.
  • John T. Canty. Personal information and publications.
  • Prof. Y. Bar-Hillel. Scientific Publications.
  • Nicholas Rescher. Publications.
  • Rudolf Ziedins. CV and publications.
  • Georg Henrik von Wright. Bibliography of the Philosophical Writings (1938-1966). Compiled by Olav Flo.
  • Richard Montague. Bibliography.
  • Hugues Leblanc. Bibliography.
  • G.E. Hughes. Publications.
  • Immanuel Kant. Aetas kantiana. Philosophy.
  • Robert Hall. Publications.
  • R. Routley. Report on research work. January-October 1968.

C. Miscellaneous material:

  • a research proposal by N. Rescher
  • ANP: course plans (for fall 1969)
    • INFO (Per Hasle): In September Prior went to Oslo; he was to give courses at the University of Oslo and lectures at other Norwegian Universities during the fall term of 1969. On 6. October Prior died from a heart attack in Trondheim, Norway, the night before he was to give a lecture at the university there.
  • Notes of C.A. Meredith on Terminal Functors Permissible with Syllogism.
  • University of Canterbury. Examination for B.Sc. 1959.

Second folder:--- Probably course material

  • Notes on Mill's Theory of Syllogism and Induction. TU (4 p.). (12 copies).

The author is probably the highly influential (around 1930-50) Sydney philosopher J. Anderson.
--- Per Hasle

  • ANP: Points about putting statements into logical form. Canterbury University College. T (4 p.). (Probably 50-55 - on account of style etc. probably pre 1955; see also general Notes on dating/box 9).

Third folder:

  • ANP (?): Translation of portion of Robert Feys: Les Systčmes Formalistes des Modalités Aristotiliciennes (Revue Philosophique de Louvain, Nov. 1950). T (14 p.). (Most likely this is translated by Prior himself, probably for course use).
  • 'St. Thomas Aquinas' (c. 1225-1274) (course note most probably). TU (11 p.). Ca. 1950. Hardly written by ANP.
  • ANP: 4 pages on syllogistics (numbered 27–30). TU (4 p.). Ca. 1950. As an example analysing a part of 'Alice in Wonderland'; see Logic and Lewis Carroll/box 6.

Fourth folder:

  • ANP (?): An 'abbreviated decision procedure'. TU (1 p.). DATE?

Fifth folder:

  • Roland Hall: Test Your Knowledge. T (2 p.).
  • Essay topics and reading, Moral Philosophy. T (3 p.).

Sixth folder:

  • ANP (?): Concordance of references to Aristotle. TU (25 p.).
  • ANP (?): The first order logic QS6(2). TU (38 p.).
  • The third grade of modal involvement. T (15 p.). Ca. 1969?
    • INFO (Per Hasle): 
      fill5.gif (67 bytes)This paper deals with work by Prior and is probably from 68 or 69.

      The author is not known (not ANP); the contents has a clear relevance for Prior's 'Four Grades of Tense-Logical Involvement', described in 1968a, pp. 116-134.

  • W. W. Sawyer: First Impression of the Mathematical Situation in New Zealand. Canterbury University College. T (4 p.). 1951.
  • W. W. Sawyer: A Mathematics Club in an Intermediate School. Canterbury University College. T (5 p.). 1955.
  • Bibliography for 'Modern Theories of Mind'. TU (2 p.). (signed 'Jack' (possibly J. J. C. Smart)).

Seventh folder:

  • Kotarbinski: A Treatise on Good Work. T (2 p.).
  • J. Dopp: Une méthode de décision pour le calcul des propositions inanalysées. T (4 p.). 1959. See also Review of J. Dopp/box 5.
  • Appendix (Proof on the equivalence of two systems). Numbered pp. 31-53. Department of Philosophy, University of Manchester. T (24 p.). Not written by ANP. (Guess: author might be Lejewski?)
  • Errata for 'Aristotle: De interpretatione'. TU (1 p.). Also found in Ninth folder/box 10.

Eighth folder:

  • Sören Halldén (?)

a) The Formal Relation between Morality and Ethics. T (12 p.).
b) Structural Properties of the Relation 'Better'. T (12 p.).

INFO (Per Hasle): 

fill5.gif (67 bytes)These manuscripts are obviously connected, but the author is not indicated (hardly ANP). It may, however, well have been Sören Halldén (Swedish modal logician); see Anderson-Prior correspondence/box 1, as well as 1960d.

Ninth folder: Various material, mainly for course use (probably)

The contents of this folder is mainly philosophy course material. Most items stem from the time when ANP was a British Council Visiting scholar in New Zealand, August-September, 1965. During this time he gave some lectures at all of New Zealand's universities. Apparently he used the occassion for collecting course material from New Zealand colleagues. See also First folder/box 4 and Philosophy in a Young Country/box 6.

  • Raymond D. Bradley: The Causal Principle. T (14 p.). (1964).
  • Raymond D. Bradley: The Causal Principle - Abstract. T (5 p.). Paper to be read at New Zealand Philosophy Conference, 2 p.m., 17th May 1964.
  • J.N. Findlay: Relational Properties. University of Canterbury, Philosophy Department. T (8 p.).
  • ANP (?): Notes on Logic. Part I - Informal Logic. University of Otago. TU (13 p.). Ca. 1937?
    • INFO (Per Hasle): Prior studied at Otago University 1932-37 and was an assistant lecturer there around 1937, while he was writing his MA thesis. As an assistant lecturer he most probably taught logic and made notes. The exposition is informal, and the diction is quite "Priorean". See also Second folder/box 11 and Third folder/box 11.
  • Victoria University of Wellington. Philosophy Stage I. Outline of the Year's work. T (2 p.).1965.

Probably by George Hughes (cf. First folder/box 4).
--- Per Hasle

  • Victoria University of Wellington. Philosophy Stage I. Introductory Notes. T (2 p.).

Probably by George Hughes (cf. First folder/box 4).
--- Per Hasle

  • A Decision Procedure for the Calculus of Quantified One-Place Predicate Formulae. Marked GEH (i.e. George Hughes). T (2 p.). (2 copies).

The following ones by J. M. Hinton:

  • Victoria University College. Department of Philosophy. The Cartesian Method (and related topics). Marked JMH (i.e. J. M. Hinton). T (9 p.).
  • Cartesian Scepticism. Marked JMH (i.e. J. M. Hinton). T (14 p.).
  • Some Logical Terms and Concepts (Partly a 'refresher'). Marked JMH (i.e. J. M. Hinton). T (15 p.).
  • Philosophy I: Induction and related forms of reasoning. Marked JMH (i.e. J. M. Hinton). T (9 p.).
  • Philosophy I - Logic. Interpretation of disjunctive and hypothetical propositions. Marked JMH (i.e. J. M. Hinton). T (5 p.).
  • Necessity, Contingency, etc. Marked JMH (i.e. J. M. Hinton). T (4 p.).
  • Statements, Propositions, etc. Marked JMH (i.e. J. M. Hinton). T (4 p.).
  • Rationalism and Empiricism. Marked JMH (i.e. J. M. Hinton). T (4 p.).
  • No title. Explanations of logical concepts etc. with reference especially to John Stuart Mill. Marked JMH (i.e. J. M. Hinton). T (5 p.).

The following ones by David Londey:

  • Lower Predicate Calculus - Normal forms. Marked DL (i.e. David Londey). T (3 p.).
  • Skolem Normal Forms (Sequel to Lower Predicate Calculus - Normal Forms). T (2 p.).
  • A Form of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem. Marked DL (i.e. David Londey). T (2 p.).
  • Cantor's Diagonal Procedure and the Paradoxes. Marked DL (i.e. David Londey). T (1 p.).
  • Validity. Marked DL (i.e. David Londey). T (1 p.).
  • Notes on propositional Calculus. Marked "Londey?" (in Prior's hand). T (14 p.).
  • Completeness of the Predicate Calculus. Marked "Londey?" (in Prior's hand). T (13 p.).
  • Notes on Mill's Theory of Syllogism and Induction. TU (4 p.). See Notes on Mill, Second folder/box 10.
  • Errata for 'Aristotle: De interpretatione'. T (1 p.). Also found in Seventh folder/box 10.
  • J.M.E. McTaggart: Time, chapter 33 in 'The Nature of Existence' (1927). T (13 p.).

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