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Secondary literature

An overwiev by Per Hasle and David Jakobsen

The overview of secondary literature significantly dealing with Prior is subdivided as follows:


Since temporal logic has become an intensively studied discipline, and since this one was initiated through the work of Prior, a huge body of papers and books bear on and owe to Prior, directly or indirectly. Already for that reason this overview has to be highly selective. The criteria of selection for the main section (A) are described below.

As for Reviews, Obituaries and Memoirs (B, C, and D) the following can be said:

(B) Only reviews of full books are included. It has been possible to locate a significant number (see the list of Journals Analysed). Nevertheless, there can be little doubt that some significant reviews have yet to be included. For instance, it seems highly likely that 'Past, Present and Future' (1967a) has been reviewed much more extensively than evident from (B)-section.

(C) Most important obituaries and/or memorial papers are found here, even though I also know of a few which I have so far been unsuccessful in locating.

(D) As for D, the idea simply is to mention some works which I have found interesting. This list is not meant to be anything near complete.

Turning now to the more comprehensive questions concerning Books and papers dealing with the work of A. N. Prior, the following needs to be observed:


I. The basic principle for inclusion is that the work in question should be discussing or otherwise dealing directly with Prior's contributions, from a historical or systematical perspective. The few exceptions to this rule are the seminal and authoritative works on tense/temporal logic by McArthur (1976), van Benthem (1983) and Burgess (1984). This basic principle means that:

(i). Work dealing specifically with more mathematical issues – soundness and completeness of systems of tense logic etc. - is in general omitted. For these issues readers are referred to other work; an ideal starting point would be: Gabbay, Dov M.: 1994, Temporal Logic: Mathematical Foundations and Computational Aspects, Clarendon Press, Oxford.

(ii). Work dealing with temporal logic with special reference to linguistics and computer science is also largely left out. For such issues I suggest these starting points:

- Galton, Antony (editor): 1987, Temporal Logics and Their Applications. Academic Press, London (still excellent even if relatively old);

- van Benthem, Johan: 1995, 'Temporal Logic'. In Handbook of Logic in Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming (Edited by Dov M. Gabbay, C. J. Hogger and J. A. Robinson), Vol. 4, Oxford University Press, New York, pp. 241-350;

- van Benthem, Johan; ter Meulen, Alice (editors): 1997, Handbook of Logic and Language. North-Holland Publishing Co., Amsterdam; MIT Press, Cambridge, MA.

Furthermore, a number of relevant papers can be found in Copeland (1996).

II. I concentrate on post 1969-work, which deals with Prior and, moreover, such issues which are in my opinion of more general importance for his thought. Apart from those unreasonable omissions, of which I shall without doubt be guilty, this principle means omission of:

(i). Papers which were part of ongoing discussions of Prior's work within his lifetime – and to which Prior has often replied himself - are omitted (for instance: the discussion between Professor Lachs and Prior on 'Omniscience' around 1963).

(ii). Work which deals with rather specific issues within Prior's work is omitted (for instance: 'Prior and Williams on Berkeley' by D. Park, (1981), Philosophy 56, pp. 231-241). I admit that in these cases there will almost always be a possible argument w.r.t. the potential overall importance of the discussions in question.

III. Finally, work which has been more or less absorbed by later publications is omitted. Again, just for instance, I have omitted papers from the 70'es and 80'es by Philip Hugly and Charles Sayward (respectively), which are now largely included in or superseded by Hugly and Sayward (1996).

--- Per Hasle

A. Books and papers dealing with the work of A. N. Prior (entirely or to an important degree)

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B. Reviews of Prior-publications

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C. Obituaries/memorial papers

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D. Memoirs etc. with descriptions of Prior

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Journals Analysed

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