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Box 5

Mainly offprints of Prior's papers

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This box contains offprints of most of Prior's published papers between 1951 and 1970, with some exceptions. In some cases one finds the typewritten original along with a regular offprint; in a few cases one finds only the typewritten original for a publication; both kinds of cases are indicated in the listing.

The offprints found are listed under (A). An alternative overview stating which publications (as compared with the Øhrstrøm/Flo bibliography) are "missing" in box 5 can also be found here (D).

Moreover, a number of unpublished and other items are found in the box (B below), as well as a folder marked "Unlisted by Flo", containing various minor published items (mainly reviews) not registered in Flo's bibliography (C below).

Contents of box 5:

A. Offprints (or typewritten originals) of published papers.

Typewritten originals are marked (ORIG) - when both offprints and typewritten originals are found they are marked (OFF+ORIG). – '#' means (number of) copies.


1948c (2#)

1951a, 1951b

1952a, 1952b, 1952c, 1952d, 1952e, 1952f, 1952g

1953a, 1953b, 1953c, 1953d, 1953e (3 #)

1954a, 1954b, 1954c

1955b, 1955c (OFF+ORIG), 1955d, 1955e, 1955f, 1955g, 1955h, 1955m (2 #)

1956a, 1956b, 1956c, 1956d (OFF+ORIG), 1956e, 1956f

1957b, 1957c, 1957d, 1957e, 1957f, 1957g, 1957h (OFF+ORIG)

1958a (ORIG), 1958b, 1958c, 1958d, 1958e (2 #), 1958f, 1958g (2 #), 1958h, 1958i (OFF+ORIG), 1958j (ORIG), 1958k (ORIG), 1958l

1959a, 1959b, 1959c, 1959d, 1959e, 1959f (OFF+ORIG), 1959g, 1959h, 1959i (ORIG), 1959j, 1959k (OFF+ORIG)

1960a, 1960b, 1960c, 1960d (ORIG)

1961a, 1961b, 1961c, 1961d (2 #)

1962a, 1962c (2 #), 1962d, 1962e, 1962f, 1962g,

1962g in its original English version,

1962h, 1962i, 1962j (OFF+ORIG)

1963a, 1963b, 1963c (2 #), 1963d, 1963e, 1963f

1964a, 1964b, 1964c, 1964d, 1964e, 1964f, 1964g, 1964h, 1964j

1965a (2 #), 1965b, 1965c, 1965d, 1965e (OFF+ORIG), 1965f


1967b, 1967c, 1967d, 1967e, 1967f, 1967g, 1967h, 1967i, 1967j (2 #), 1967l, 1967m, 1967n, 1967o

1968d, 1968e, 1968g, 1968h, 1968i, 1968j, 1968k, 1968m (2 #)

1969a, 1969b, 1969c, 1969d, 1969e, 1969f (2 #), 1969g (2 #), 1969h (2 #), 1969k (2 #), 1969n

1970b, 1970c, 1970d

B. Moreover, the following items are found in this box:

  • ANP: Review of B. Sobocinski, 'On the Single Axioms of Protothetic'. T (3 p.). ORIG 1965e.

See also Sobocinski/box 23-29.
--- Per Hasle

  • ANP: 'The Logic of Obligation and the Obligations of the Logician' TU (41 p.); last 1 1/2 page are a handwritten footnote. DATE: 1957-58?. See The Logic of Obligation/box 6 (the same manuscript).
  • 'Entailment, Possibility and Possible Truth' from Buridan's 'Sophismata', chapter 8.
  • Ivo Thomas: A.N. Prior in Memoriam (Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, Vol. 12, No. 2, 1971, pp. 129–130).
  • Formalization of Intensional Logic, TU (1 p.), ca. 1957.
  • Review of N.L. Wilson: The Concept of Language (University of Toronto Press, 1959) T. (4 p.).

This is found in an envelope with the following label: "These typescripts etc. are unlisted in the Flo bibliography at present and in many cases where they appeared is uncertain..." Probably a note by Mary Cresswell.
--- Per Hasle

  • Review of 'Mathematical Interpretation of Formal Systems'. By Th. Skolem et al. (North Holland Publishing Company, Amsterdam, 1955) TU (2 p.)

This is found in an envelope with the following label: "These typescripts etc. are unlisted in the Flo bibliography at present and in many cases where they appeared is uncertain..." Probably a note by Mary Cresswell. See also "Unlisted by Flo".
--- Per Hasle

  • 'Lukasiewicz's Last Contributions to Logic', TU (5 p.), ca. 1958; (probably draft of 1958b).
  • C.A. Meredith: Equational Postulates for the Sheffer Stroke; contains a section marked 'This section by ANP'. TU (8 p.). Ca. 1960? (Cf. 1968f and 1969j).
  • See also First folder/box 8.
  • Logic in England Today. T (16 p.). English original of 1962g, but not published in English. (1962g: 'Wspolczesca logica w Anglii' (Contemporary logic in England), Ruch filozoficzny, Vol. 21 (1962), pp. 251-256.). Abstract
  • Olav Flo: [Draft] Bibliography of A. N. Prior's Philosophical Writings. (1969).
    • INFO (Per Hasle): This bibliography was prepared by Olav Flo on occasion of Prior's impending visit to Norway in the autumn 1969. It is a draft, and its referencing system is different from the version published after Prior's death in Theoria 1970 (See [Flo 1970, Secondary literature]). To some items in the boxes Mary Cresswell has added numbers corresponding to this draft of the 1970-bibliography.

C. Folder marked "Unlisted by Flo"

(noted by Mary Cresswell)

  • C.A. Meredith [and probably partly by ANP, too]: Theory of Implication, Typed 26p, ca. 1956.

INFO (Per Hasle):

The pages are not consecutively numbered, but are dated as 1955 to 1957. This "manuscript" is in fact a collection of typewritten notes, in various places containing these headings:

  • C.A. Meredith and others: Theory of implication [on the front page],
  • C.A. Meredith: contributions to the investigation of pure strict implication, [page 1],
  • C.A. Meredith: The Lukasiewicz reduction of bivalent C-pure. 18/8/56 (see First folder/box 8),
  • Implicational Calculus of S5

The manuscript is marked [probably by Mary Cresswell]: 'Forerunner of [Flo] 146', i.e. 1969a, but see also 1964j.


  • A.N. Prior and R.P. Kerr: Axiomatisation of the Propositional Calculus in C and p, TU (6 p.).

The most recent items in the list of altogether six references are from 1951. Mary Prior ('BR') has added: "This is a mystery paper as far as I am concerned. I don't remember who Kerr was, and have no memory of the paper being published. I imagine that the results incorporated in it, though new to the authors, had already been discovered and published independently."
--- Per Hasle

  • Review of Saul Kripke: Undecidablity of Monadic Modal Quantification Theory, Zeitschrift für mathematische Logik und Grundlagen der Mathematik 1962.

This is marked 'Logic and Foundations/math. reviews', indicating that the place of publication must be in the series 'Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics', North-Holland Publishing Co., Amsterdam, around 1962 or after. 
--- Per Hasle

  • Review of Hans Reichenbach: Nomological Statements and Admissible Operations. Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics, North-Holland Publishing Co., Amsterdam, 1954. T (2 p.).
  • Review of Logico-Philosophical Studies. Edited by Albert Menne. D. Reidel Publishing Company, Dordrecht, Holland, 1962. T (4 p.).
  • Formal Logic. Probably Review of Bochenski: History of Formal Logic (translation by Ivo Thomas). T (3. p.).
  • Review of J. Dopp: Logiques construites par une méthode de déduction naturelle. Louvain: E. Nauwelaerts; Paris: Gauthier-Villars, 1962. T (1 p.), 1964. ORIG of Additions to Bibliography 1964k.
    • INFO (Per Hasle): 
      fill5.gif (67 bytes)This is an offprint, but apparently it has not been established where it was published before now (1997) - namely in: The Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 14 (1964), pp. 280-281.

      Mary Cresswell has added '110a'- meant as an additional reference to Flo's draft bibliography: Olav Flo: [Draft] Bibliography of A. N. Prior's Philosophical Writings/box 5.

D. Alternative overview listing missing publications in box 5:

Publications before 1947: All missing.

Publications 1947–48: These are missing:

1947a, 1947b, 1947c,

1948a, 1948b,

Publications 1949–50: All missing.

Publications between 1951 and 1970: All books and the following items are missing:


1955a (book), 1955i1955j1955k1955l,

1957a (book),




1967a (book), 1967k1967p,

1968a (book), 1968b1968c1968f1968l,



Publications after 1970: All publications after 1970 are missing.

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