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Box 8

Lectures, notes, etc

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First folder

  • "Meredith Book". App. 200 pages (incomplete); HW and T, partly published. Ca. 1962.
    • Introduction by Per Hasle
    • INFO (Per Hasle): 
      fill5.gif (67 bytes)The folder contains (apparently in an incomplete form) Prior's edition of a (large) manuscript by C.A. Meredith: 'Computations and Speculations', together with a few manuscripts which Meredith and Prior had written together. The title page of the manuscript is as follows:

      [JANUARY 1998: This page still missing]

      (Hence, the manuscript on all counts can be placed between 1959 and 1965, when Prior was at Manchester; moreover, the stuff is typical early 60's material, and the parts published (enumerated below) indicates that most had been done before 1962. Some parts may be even earlier than 1960, though; thus one Appendix (The Lukasiewicz reduction of bivalent C-pure, p. 191-192) is from 1956, cf. Folder marked "Unlisted by Flo/box 5 and Fifth folder/box 4.

      The following description (probably by Mary Prior, 'BR') is attached (the numbers 96 etc. refer to Flo's draft bibliography: Olav Flo: [Draft] Bibliography of A. N. Prior's Philosophical Writings/box 5):

      "This seems to be what was left over from a book by Meredith and Prior & is the residue after parts were published as articles. It was submitted at some time to OUP.

      The following papers are by Meredith and Prior:

      • 96 Axiomatics of the Propositional Calculus [= 1963b]
      • 110 Investigations into Implicational S5 [= 1964j]
      • 113 Modal Logic w. Functorial Variables & a Contingent Constant [= 1965c]
      • 139 Equational Logic [= 1968f]
      • 146 'Calculi of pure strict implication' (LMMPT) [= 1969a]"

Second folder

  • "Objects of Thought": Parts for a book manuscript. T + HW (app. 200 pages). Ca. 1962-69. The book 'Objects of Thought' (editors P. T. Geach and A. J. P. Kenny) 1971a was based on this material.
    • INFO (Per Hasle): The preface of 'Objects of Thought'("Editorial Note") by P.T. Geach and A.J.P. Kenny contains detailed information on how the book has been collected.

      See also:

      Parts of Speech/box 6,

      Notebook on 'Objects of Thought'/box 11,

      Names of Names/box 6,

      Names. Third folder/box 8,

      which are all incorporated into (or related in content or at least subject) to this work. - In their "Editorial Note" to 1971a Geach and Kenny state that "At his death Prior left the manuscript of a work entitled 'Objects of Thought'. In the same file he left two sets of notes giving the plan of the work. The first is dated 18 April 1965..." (p. vii), (i.e. the date of the last entry into the Notebook on 'Objects of Thought'/box 11.; but the contents there is different from what Geach and Kenny seem to be referring to.). However, the other plan for chapters mentioned here by Geach and Kenny - and "clearly considerably later" (p. vii) – than the first one is found together with Parts of Speech/box 6 (that is, this is the plan which they followed as editors of 1971a).

Third folder: 'Written Logic'

  • ANP: Names. HWU (32 p.). Ca. 1965. ORIG for chapter 11 of 1971a, although in an edited form.
    • INFO (Per Hasle): 
      fill5.gif (67 bytes)Geach and Kenny in their "Editorial Note" to 'Objects of Thought' 1971a date this item as "written sometime between 1963 and 1966" (p. ix).– (The paper has references to two 1962-publications (p. 25)). See also Names of Names/box 6 and Second folder/box 8 (the manuscript for 'Objects of Thought' 1971a). It is likely that this item 'Names' has been misplaced in the course of time and really belongs in Second folder/box 8.
  • ANP and Mary Prior: Revisals of 'Erotetic Logic' (cf. 1955e).
  • ANP: Logical Form. Material Labelled 'probably revision classes for Oxford "logic" paper'. HWU (16 p.). 1968.
    • INFO (Per Hasle): The manuscript contains succinct definitions of a number of concepts regarding logic and time (e.g. 'time-travel'), plus a longer section on 'Appearance and reality' (pp. 11-15). Apparently drawn up for students as a final preparation before their examination. There is a substantial overlap with 'Some Dogmas in the Philosophy of Mind'/box 7. in some parts the two texts are almost identical - the section 'Apperance and Reality' (pp. 11-15) seems to be simply a slight improvement of the main part of the text from 'Some Dogmas in the Philosophy of Mind'/box 7 (indeed same kinds of paper and ink (red) have been used here).
  • A large number of more or less connected loose pages with formulae and proofs.
  • A folder with handwritten notes, mainly formulae and derivations HWU (46 p.). Some are concerned with S5, and some with the Q-predicate; the pages are numbered from 194 to 239.

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