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Two Scrapbooks

By Per Hasle, Tine Kleif, and Mary Prior


This document is based on Mary Prior's listings of material in box 11 and material kept by Mary Prior, respectively. The ADDITIONS TO BIBLIOGRAPHY are to a considerable degree based on these listings (see ADDITIONS TO BIBLIOGRAPHY/introduction).

The material in box 11 is found in two scrapbooks plus 'First folder', corresponding to sections 1, 2, and 3 below; hence these sections are thus also an addition to the general overview of box 11. It should be mentioned that due to their fragile state, The Bodleian Library will remove the scrapbooks from box 11; however, their contents will be made available on micro-fiche.

Section 4 describes the contents of a folder in hands of Mary Prior. It is included here partly to give an impression of what further material there exists, and partly because a few of the additions to the bibliography stem from this folder.

The document here is based on, but not identical with Mary Prior's listings, since we have been able to add some information in a number of cases.

--- Per Hasle
--- Tine Kleif


Scrapbook / "SECTION 1"

1. Reviews in Time and Tide.

I. 'Modern Man and Religion' by T.G. Masaryk. 11 June, 1938. See item 65 (section 1).
II. 'The Land of Liberty' by James Curtis and 'Liberty Today' by C.E.M. Joad. 13 August, 1938.

2. Letters in Time and Tide (?).

I. "Una Sancta". 17 June, 1939
II. "Quo Vadis?". No date.

3. Totalitarian Christianity. The Churchman. 1938.

4. Letter. Pacifism in Relation to our Standards. The Outlook. 21 May, 1941.

5. World Calvinism at Edinburgh. Theology. September 1938.

6. A Calvinist Romantic. About Robert Riccaltoun 1691-1769. Purpose. January-March 1940. 1940c.

7. Sense and Sentences. National Education. 8 March, 1941. 1941a

8. Beyond Tragedy. The Contemporary Review. September 1938.

9. Review. 'T.E. Hulme' by Michael Roberts. Philosophy. April 1939.

10. Christian Youth on the Eve of War. Methodist Magazine. February 1940.

11. Christian News. Theology, pp. 165-169. September 1940.

12. Letter. Fanatical Moderation. The Outlook. 19 March, 1941.

13. A Return to Calvin. The Christian World. 23 June, 1938.

14. The Calvinist Congress. Barthianism versus Fundamentalism. The Christian World. 14 July, 1938.

15. The Calvinist Congress. "Closed" and "Open" Theories. The Christian World. 21 July, 1938.

16. With the Freethinkers - Our Representative at the Congress. The Christian World. 15 September, 1938.

17. The Czech Church in Exile. The Christian World. 13 July, 1939.

18. Commentary. Dr. Orchard on the War. The Christian World. 14 December, 1939.

19. Something to Read II: The Organism of Christian Truth. The Student, p. 4. April 1941. box 7.

20. Something to Read IV: Some Books in V.U.C. [Victoria University College] Library. The Student. No date (1941 (?)).

21. Readers Guide to Barth’s Dogmatics. Theology, pp.329-335. June 1942.

22. Something to Read IV: Passion and Society. The Student. No date (1941 (?)).

23. Calvinistic Congress at Edinburgh. The British Weekly. 14 July, 1938.

24. Commentary. At the Freethinkers' Congress. The British Weekly.15 September, 1938.

25. Commentary. Anti-Semitism in England? The British Weekly. 17 November, 1938.

26. The Basic Task of Christian Education. The Teaching Review. February 1940.

27. Between the Times. The Student. October 1940.

28. Something to Read I: Ulysses. The Student, pp. 3-4. March 1941.

29. Letter. More Realism. The Student. April 1941.

30. Letter. Not Peace, But a Sword. The Evening Star. 10 November, 1941.

31. The Calvinistic Congress. Life and Work. August 1938.

32. Youth at Amsterdam. Young Scotland. September 1939.

33. Letter. The Conscientious Objector. Evening Star. 8 September, 1941.

34. The Tragic Dilemma - The Christian Pacifist Congress. The Church Times. 30 September, 1938.

34a. Evangelicals and Presbyterians. The Church Gazette. October - November 1940.

35. Revelation. The Expository Times, pp. 239-240. March 1941. box 7.

36. Review. 'An Outline of Psychology' by H. Lyster Jameson. Peace News. 9 July, 1938.

37. Letter. No title [on Christian and non Christian pacifists]. Peace News. 13 August, 1938.

38. Something to Read III: The Presbyter. The Student. September 1941.

39. Something to Read III: The Possessed. The Student. September 1941. See item 14 (section 2).

40. Letters. Otago Daily Times. 10, 11 and 16 December, 1941.

41. Letter. The Presbyterian Church and Conscientious Objectors. Evening Star. 10 December, 1941.

42. Hitler comes to the Tyrol. Otago Daily Times (New Zealand). 18 June, 1938 [by John Everdean - NOT by Prior].

43. Calvinists Meet at Edinburgh. Otago Daily Times (New Zealand).13 August, 1938.

44. Letter. Religious Freedom in Russia. Otago Daily Times (New Zealand). 2 October, 1941.

45. Letter. Conscientious Objectors. Southland Times. 15 September, 1941.

46. Letter. The Church and the Doctors. Southland Times. 23 September, 1941.

47. Letter. Criticism of Joad. The Spectator. No date. "As a convinced Christian..."

48. Some Mail Gone Missing. Colour and the Church. The Outlook. 26 February, 1941.

49. Calvinism and Christianity. The Congregational Quarterly. October 1938.

50. Who is my Neighbour - The Teaching of Frederick Kohlbrigge. The Congregational Quarterly (?). April 1941.

51. Review. 'Religion in Essence and Manifestation' by G.van der Leeuw. Purpose (2 pages). April-June 1939. See item 62 (section 1).

52. Review. 'The Philosophy of St. Bonaventure' by G. Gilson. The Criterion. October 1938. 1938a.

53. Review. 'The Church and the World' by Hudson and Reckitt. The Criterion. No date.

54. Letter. [On the economic difficulties of writers]. The Criterion. January 1939.

55. The Calvinist International. The Presbyterian. 26 January, 1939.

56. Letter. [About Spanish refugees]. The Student. Paris 30 April, 1939.

57. A Scot Seeks God. [Thomas Halyburton 1674-1712]. The Churchman. January 1940. 1940b.

58. Review. 'The Conflict of the Cross' by O.E. Burton. The Churchman. April-June 1940.

59. Infant Baptism in the Church of Scotland. The Churchman. April-June 1940.

60. Calvinism Old and New. The London Quarterly. October 1938.

61. Calvinism in Present Day Holland. The Contemporary Review. No date.

62. Review. 'Religion in Essence and Manifestation' by G. van der Leeuw. The Hibbert Journal (4 pages). October 1938. See item 51 (section 1).

63. Speaking with Authority. [By "P", i.e. Prior]. The Presbyter, No.3. March 1940.

64. In the Beginning. Sunday at Home. May 1940.

65. Reviews. The Student Movement.

  1. 'The Ideals of Humanity and How to Work' by T.G. Masaryk. 'Modern Man and Religion' by T.G. Masaryk. See item 1 (section 1). Jointly reviewed in October 1938.
  2. The New Testament. Translated by William Tyndal. Edited by N. Hardy Wallis. Cambridge University Press. May 1939.

66. Makers of Modern Thought. (1) Kierkegaard. The Student Movement. March 1940. 1940a.

67. Missions and the Home Front. International Review of Missions. July 1940.

68. The Christian Pacifist Congress. The Christian Quarterly. October 1938.

69. Review. 'World Community' by Wm. Paton. The Christian Quarterly (?). October 1938.

70. Thinking Oecumenically. The Presbyter, No.4. April 1940.

71. Fashionable Tribalism. World Dominion. May-June 1941.

72. A Misnomer? Faith and Freedom. 14 July, 1942.

73. Review. 'The Question and the Answer' by Hillaire Belloc. The New English Weekly. 17 November, 1938.

74. Review. The New English Weekly. Joint Review of:

  1. 'A Popular History of the Church' by Philip Hughes.
  2. 'Crisis for Christianity' by Wm. Teeling. 2 March, 1939.

75. Review. 'New Tyrannies for Old', by Lord Snell, Wickham Steed, Major Gen. A.C. Temperley etc. The New English Weekly. 22 June, 1939.

76. Theology and Politics. The New English Weekly. 8 February, 1940.

77. Review. 'My New Zealand' by A.J. Harrop. The New English Weekly. 28 September, 1939.

78. [Title and first few lines missing]The New English Weekly. 4 December, 1939.

79. Review. 'Man in Revolt: A Christian Anthropology' by Emil Brunner. The New English Weekly. 7 March, 1940.

79a. Letter. Father Demant and Kierkegaard. The New English Weekly. 11 July, 1940.

80. Dr. Lowrie on Kierkegaard. The Evangelical Quarterly. 15 October, 1938.

80a. Karl Barth's Gifford Lectures. The Evangelical Quarterly. January 1939, pp. 95-96.

81. Letters. The Outlook.

  1. Church Union and Presbyterian Principles. Signatories Leonard Jones, A.M. Richards, A.N.P and R.C. Lamb. 26 March, 1941.
  2. Church Union [half of the letter missing]. 7 May, 1941.

81a. The Rule of Faith. The Churchman, pp.265-274. October-December 1941.

81b. The Analogy of the Faith. Congregational Quarterly. January 1940.

82. Review. "World Community" by W. Paton. International Affairs. No date.

82a. Review. "The Church and Political Problem of Our Day" by K. Barth. International Affairs. November 1939.

83. Personalities at Amsterdam. The London Quarterly. No date.

84. Letter [end of it only]. The Student. June 1941.

85. Letter. The Bases of Christian Social Action. The Student (?). No date.

86. Commentary. The Presbyter. September 1942.

87. A Discussion on Christian Pacifism. No source. December 1938.

88. A Modest Proposal. The Presbyter. No.8. August 1940.

89. What May the Church Say to Men of Faith about their Political Responsibilities? The Presbyter, No.13. January 1941.

90. The Covenanting Testimony Revived. The Covenanter, vol.1, No.2. February 1939.

91. Future of Party Government. The Listener. 29 June, 1939.

92. Christian Youth at Amsterdam. The Record. 4 August, 1939.

93. The Bible, Source of our Spiritual Life. The Bible and Modern Religious Thought. January 1939.

94. Review. 'Sermons' by G.C. Hoskyns. No source. No date.

95. Christian Youth in World Conference. World Dominion. October 1939.

96. Unity Demands Unison. The N.Z. Congregational Monthly. November 1940.

97. As Other See Us (2). A Presbyterian Looks at Quakerism. The Friend. 5 July, 1940.

98. The Butler of Scotland (Thos. Halyburton). The Contemporary Review. May 1940.
99. Commentary. The Presbyter. June 1940.


The Giant Scrapbook / "SECTION 2"

1. The Forms of Thought of the Westminister Standards. The Presbyter, No. 31. July-August 1942. See item 16 (section 4).

2. The Church’s Witness and the Church’s Faith. The Presbyter, No. 25. January 1942. See item 17 (section 4).

3. The Theology of James Joyce. The Presbyter. January 1943.

4. Can Religion be Discussed? Australasian Journal of Psychology and Philosophy. September 1942. [= 1942a].

5. Texts and Contexts I. Friends and Foes. The Student. March 1942.

6. Texts and Contexts. The Kingdom of God is Within You. The Student. October 1942.

7. Texts and Contexts III. Why Callest Thou Me Good? The Student. August-September 1942.

8. How Barth Might Reply To Professor Allan. The Student. May 1942.

9. Letters on Prohibition. The Outlook. 22 December 1943, 26 January, 17 May and 5 July, 1944.

10. Two letters. The Otago Students' Credo. The Student. September/October 1944.

11. Religion in Schools. The N.Z. Listener. 8 January and 23 February, 1945.

12. A Catena of Presbyterian Answers to Congregationalism.

  1. The Gathered Church. The Presbyter. June 1944.
  2. Ordination and Election. The Presbyter. July 1944.

13. Bouquets and Buckbats from New Zealand. The Presbyter. August 1944.

14. What is "A Christian Novel". Doctrinal Patterns in the Possessed. The Presbyter. December 1944 (with Mary Prior). See item 39 (section 1).

15. Pro and Contra [a Study of The Bros. Karamasov by Dostoievsky]. The Presbyter. February 1945. (With Mary Prior).

16. Easter Saturday. [a Study of The Idiot by Dostoievsky]. The Presbyter. May 1945. (With Mary Prior).

17. Review: 'The Memories of Pontius Pilate' by C.M. Franzer. 29 October, Year unknown.

18. Statement on Research in the Humanities by L.A. Baigent, A.W. Stockwell, A.N. Prior, J.G.A. Pocock, E. Badian. No source. October 1946.

19. Church, State and School. The Outlook. 24 January, 1945. See item 9 (section 4).

20. Letter. Divinity Degrees. Church and Community. May 1945. See item 8 (section 4).

20a. The Meaning of Good. Australasian Journal of Psychology and Philosophy. December 1944.

21. Letter. Intercommunion. The Student. June 1945.

22. On Calling Names. The Student. September 1945.

23. Mr. Arnold’s Improprieties. The Student. October 1945.

24. S.C.M. and the Church - Stage III. The Student, No. 8, p. 2. October 1945. See item 13 (section 4).

25. Careless Talk. The Outlook. 17 October, 1945.

26. New Zealand’s National Heresy. Church and Community. November 1945.


Letters, Reviews etc. by ANP in New Zealand Papers in early 1950’s
(an overview also of the contents of First folder/box 11).


1. Review. 'Mahommedanism' by H.A.R. Gibbs. Oxford University Press. The N.Z. Listener. 13 January, 1950.

2. Review. 'Emmanuel Swedenborg - Scientist and Mystic' by Signe Toksvig. Faber and Faber. The N.Z. Listener. 23 December, 1949.

3. Review.

  1. 'In the Path of Mahatma Gandhi' by George Caitlin (Macdonald). No source. No date.
  2. 'The Bhagavadghita', edited by S. Radhakrishnan (Allen and Unwin). The N.Z. Listener. 17 June, Year unknown.

4. Review: How Things Began. 'Evolution and Philosophy' by G.H. Duggan.

  1. Controversy on evolution between A.N. Prior, G.H. Duggan, S.M. etc.
  2. On evolution: How Things Began. The N.Z. Listener. 9/23/30 December 1949, 6/20/27 January 1950, 3/10/17/24 February 1950 and 3 March 1950. See item 9 (section 3).

5. The Logic Game [1957c]. The Listener (UK). 3 talks:

  1. The Necessary and the Possible. 18 April, 1957.
  2. Symbolism and Analogy. 25 April, 1957.
  3. Many-valued Logics. 2 May, 1957.

Correspondence on the above from D.O. Pitches, Hugh Heckstall-Smith, J.M. Fread. 2 and 9 May, 1957.

6. Weaknesses Evident in New Zealand Thought. Text of a paper entitled "The Threat to Civil Liberties in New Zealand Today and Tomorrow". The Press. (Christ Church, New Zealand). Ca. 3 or 4 May [Year unknown, but in the 1950s?].

7. Letter . "Forthwith" and Forthwith. The Press. (Christ Church, New Zealand). 9 July, 1954.

8. Religion discussed by University Panel. Report of discussion between A.N. Prior, A.J. Danks, Rev. Martin Sullivan, Prof. E. Percival and F. Hendersen in Christ Church. The Press. 26 June, 1954.

9. Is Esselution Proved? This skit on 4 (above) appeared in Cappi-Fifty-Cade. The Controversalists include "A.N. Before" — not written by A.N. Prior. No date. See item 4 (section 3).

10. Mr. Prior, Alice and Logic. Report of Lecture on The Logical Implications in "Alice in Wonderland" and "Alice through the Looking Glass" to the Literary Society, C.U.C. Canta. 4 May, 1950. See Logic and Lewis Carroll, box 6.

11. Letter. Hell. The Outlook. 2 August, 1950.

12. Review. 'The Birth of the Christian Religion' by Alfred Loisy (Allen and Unwin). The N.Z. Listener. 26 November, Year unknown.

13. Review. 'Decadence. A Philosophical Inquiry' by C.E.M. Joad. N.Z. Listener. 19 November, Year Unknown.

14. Review. 'William Temple - Life and Letters' by F.A. Iremonger. Oxford University Press. N.Z. Listener. 21 January, Year unknown.

15. Review. 'A Manual of Christian Doctrine' by J.M. Bates (Presbyterian Bookroom). N.Z. Listener. 6 April, 1951.

16. Review of "Logic and the Basic of Ethics by A.N.Prior" [1949a] by John Laird. Oxford University Press. N.Z. Listener. 31 March, 1950.

17. The Orr Case. 4 cuttings. Interview with A.N. Prior about the New Zealand Philosophers declaring the Tasmanian chair black - or rather "a flickering gray". 3/4 June, 1954.

18. Tomorrow We Die. The Student, No. 5, pp. 9–10. August 1946.

19. Press cutting. Christ Church Press. 23 May, 1953. Plus photograph of 7 philosophers. Congress.

20. Press cutting. Christ Church Press. 28 May, 1953. Congress Opening. Meetings plus photo of 7 philosophers.


Material in folder 'To be deposited in Bodley - 
in hands of Mary Prior' / 

1. Press cutting. Christ Church Press. 23 May, 1953. Plus photograph of 7 philosophers. Congress.

2. Photographs of Conference. The Auckland Star. 31 May, 1957.

3. Press cutting. Congress Opening. Christ Church Press. 28 May, 1953. Meetings plus photo of 7 philosophers.

4. Manuscript copy. Can Religion be Discussed [1942a] (from Harold Turner).

5. Letter to M.P. [Mary Prior] from Harold Turner.

6. 3 Letters from A.N. Prior to Harold Turner.

  1. 9 April 1944 (RAF paper)
  2. 26 February 1947 from Canterbury University College. (CUC paper).
  3. 6 January 1943 from Wigram, RAF.

7. Why Christ? Signed "Naphtali" (= A.N. Prior). The Outlook. 10 July, 1951.

8. Divinity Degrees (A.N.P). See item 20 (section 2)Church and Community. May 1945.

9. (A.N. Prior). The Outlook. 24 January, 1945. See item 19 (section 2).Church, State and School

10. Letter. New Zealand's National Heresy. A.N. Prior. pre 1947.

11. Pie in the Sky? Signed "Naphtali" (= A.N. Prior). No date.

12. Naphtali (= A.N. Prior) replies. 21 August, 1951.

13. Student Christian Movement and the Church. The Student. October 1945. See item 24 (section 2).

14. Supralapsarianism. The Presbyter. October 1947. 1947d.

15. Background of Westminster Assembly Whitehorn. The Presbyter, No.33. 1942.

16. The Forms of Thought of the Westminster Standards. The Presbyter, No.31. July-August 1942. See item 1 (section 2).

17. The Church’s Witness and the Church’s Faith. The Presbyter, No.25. January 1942. See item 2 (section 2).

18. Children of the Damned. MS copy. A.N. Prior. See Children of the damned/box 6.

19. From A.N. Prior's "The Treasure in Earthen Vessels". [Typescript extracts].


Items 1-3: From Family

Items 4-19: From Harold Turner

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