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The LogicS of Prior

Past, Present, and Future

Date: September 6-7, 2019

Place: Roskilde University, Building 46.1-049

Chair: Patrick Blackburn (

Arthur Prior (1914–1969) is nowadays best known as the inventor of tense logic.
But he was very much a logician in the most general sense of the word, and a
philosophical logician at that, and his work covered more than tense logic. In
particular, he played a role in the development of such fields as deontic logic,
multi-valued logic, branching time logic, first-order modal logic, and hybrid
logic. Moreover, his work drew on ancient and medieval sources to an extent
that was rare in an era that tended to draw its inspiration from mathematics.
This event is a celebration of various aspects of Priors’s work, some reflecting
on its origins (Past), its contemporary developments (Present) and its potential
impacts and novel domains of applications (Future).

Friday 6th of September
13.00 — 13.10 Coffee and Welcome
13.10 — 13.50 Patrick Blackburn: The LogicS of Prior
13.50 — 14.50 Adriane Rini: An Ordinary Language/Logic Debate in

14.50 — 15.10 Coffee
15.10 — 16.10 Valentin Goranko: How Deontic Logic Ought To Be
16.15 — 17.15 Thomas Bolander: Theory of Mind Reasoning on a Humanoid
Robot using Dynamic Epistemic Logic


Saturday 7th of September
10.00 — 10.10 Coffee
10.10 — 11.10 Max Cresswell: Those Things which the Coachmen Do
Boethius’ answer to A.N. Prior on Future Contingents

11.15 — 12.15 Antje Rumberg: Transitions in the Forest of Possibilities
12.15 — 13.15 Lunch
13.15 — 14.15 Jeremy Seligman: I Might Not Have Existed
14.20 — 15.05 Andreas Halkjær From: Using the Isabelle Proof Assistant:
Seligman-Style Tableau for Hybrid Logic

15.05 — 15.20 Coffee Break
15.20 — 16.05 Torben Braüner: Hybrid-Logical Proof-Theory: What
would Prior have said?

16.10 — 16.55 Thomas Ågotnes: Monotonicity Properties of Public

16.55 — 17.15 Peter Øhrstrøm: Concluding Remarks


All are welcome to attend, and attendance is free, but if you plan on coming, please inform the organisers by sending an email to

Relevant information:

Event Manager: Fatima Sabir (



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